How To Use Color Psychology to Make Your Interior Colors Work For You

Most people feel that the interior colors they select for their homes are simply a matter of aesthetics. In reality; there is a whole science behind this. Color psychology experts now firmly believe that the colors of your home interiors can have a profound effect on your mood and emotions and also play a role in your relationships. What is color … [Read more...]

Best Colors For 2015

Following months of cold, dark and grey winter, people obviously look forward to some colors with the arrival of spring. As we gratefully look to the sun, we also crave colors in clothes and makeup and of course our interior renovation projects- colors that are light, attractive and as bright as the spring colors. Color inspiration is everywhere- from the … [Read more...]

Colors in the Garden – How to Use Garden Colors

Few things affect the overall look and feel of a garden and the house as the colors used therein. Great garden colors can help you create a psychedelic experience. Imagine the colors just leaping off the flowers! Naturally, it is also important to account for colors of the existing structures, walls or fences while planting the garden. Many people tend to … [Read more...]

Office Color Ideas – The Best Office Paint Colors

Colors affect each of us. They bring forth (subconsciously) feelings and emotions in every individual. It is no wonder that companies and manufacturers are spending huge amounts of money to find the right colors for their products and shops. Doing this helps ensure that customers stay longer in those shops and, more importantly, make a purchase. Likewise, … [Read more...]

Retail Store Color Ideas – The Best Paint Colors for Shops

Color creates a powerful emotional and visual stimulus. Naturally, the retail store color ideas you utilize for painting your retail store/shop’s space will influence people’s buying habits as well as your employees’ productivity. According to noted retail designer Jeff Grant, until the late 1990s, neutral colors were considered as the best paint colors for … [Read more...]

Living Room Color Ideas – The Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms

Choosing the right paint colors for living rooms can go a long way in evoking feelings of happiness, nostalgia as well as memories of the past and present. A thumb rule to use when choosing the living room color ideas is that: warm colors invigorate and evoke joyous feelings while cool paint colors for living rooms can calm and transcend one into harmony and … [Read more...]

Kitchen Color Ideas – The Best Paint Colors for Kitchens

The paint colors for kitchen you choose for the walls are just as important in the overall kitchen color ideas and schemes and go a long way in balancing the colors of the cabinets, countertops and appliances etc. Remember, as always, that there is no right or wrong color. You can always repaint or repaper the kitchen walls with different paint colors for … [Read more...]

Kids Room Color Ideas – The Best Paint Colors for Kids Rooms

As a parent, you naturally want to select the best and most popular paint colors for kids rooms. In fact; many parents plan for and decorate their baby’s nursery way before the child is born. This is indeed a sensible thing to do, since the last few weeks of pregnancy would not afford one much time and there is also a chance that the child might arrive … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Colors – How to Use Them in Your Home

Feng Shui is the Chinese ‘art of placement’. Feng Shui colors are known to enhance nearly every aspect of life. Certain colors can help create better physical and mental health; some can stimulate the mind and improve the mood; still others can help increase productivity and effectiveness at work. Feng Shui Colors in Chinese culture In fact; right since … [Read more...]

Bedroom Color Ideas – The Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Color is an important tool and often the first thing we notice when we walk into a room. Here we shall present a few bedroom color ideas along with the best paint color palettes for bedroom spaces that can emphasize its architectural features and furnishings. But first, let us start with a few things to avoid when deciding upon the bedroom color … [Read more...]