Interior Design

Color is a powerful design tool if used correctly. Using the wrong colors in interior design can be catastrophic. I will teach you the art and science of combining matching colors. I will also help you evoke the right emotions in each room of your home or work place.

living room with orange sofas and beige walls

Spiritual Colors for the Living Room

The color of our environment affects our consciousness and thereby many other factors in our lives, including health, relationships, and even wealth or abundance. When you create beauty in your surroundings through the use of the right spiritual colors, beautiful plants, crystals, artifacts, and other Feng shui elements, you naturally enhance your aura and that, …

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Wooden vintage table shelf with stone balance and 3d letters making the word feng shui over minimalist bedroom and bathroom with shower and walk-in closet, zen concept interior design

Spiritual Colors for the Bedroom

Many studies have shown the impact of colors on human emotions. When it comes to interior design, colors affect our perception of temperature, depth, height, weight and even the size of the space. If you are looking to redecorate your bedroom, then know that the best spiritual colors for bedrooms are the ones that make …

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