Graphic Design

If you work with website or graphic design like I do, you know how difficult finding the right colors and making them work together can be. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this list of colors will undoubtedly make your life much easier.

What Are Additive Colors?

The world of color is an amazing landscape, combining both physics and biology. For centuries, humans have studied the art and science of color, using it in everything from ancient cave paintings to modern graphic design. People across the world have given cultural meaning to symbolic colors in their histories and recorded memory. It comes …

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What Are Subtractive Colors?

To understand which colors in the color spectrum fall into a category called subtractive colors and how this type of color mixing works, we must first break down how light works to translate color to the human eye and allow us to see objects in different hues. Once we work through that process, we will …

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What Is the Opposite of Yellow? (Complementary Color)

When working with colors, artists and designers can use color schemes to portray or evoke certain tensions, harmonies, perspectives, emotions, or attitudes. In order to put together appropriate color schemes, you must understand various elements of color theory, including opposite colors, also known as complementary colors. These colors directly oppose each other on the color …

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