Best Color Combinations for Clothes

The best color combinations usually change with trends and seasons, so there is no point in getting hung up over them. Also, the best dress color combinations vary from person to person based on age, gender, and eye and hair color as well as the skin tone. That said; there are some universally acceptable color combinations for men and women. Let us discuss … [Read more...]

Best Color Combinations for Websites

As a web producer, you need to pick the right website colors that go well together. Using the right colors is the most important way to communicate and connect with your web users. Since strangers come to your site, the first thing that would strike them is the colors of your web page. So it is crucial to choose appropriate color schemes and designs that … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Coloring Pencils For Beginners

If you are just starting out in art and the use of coloring pencils, then it can be quite daunting as to which brand to pick. Of course, opinions will vary and everyone will recommend their personal taste. Top brands in best coloring pencils include Faber Castell, Prismacolor and Crayola but apart from these, there are many other players in the market. So, … [Read more...]

Best Color Combinations For Photography

Choosing colors and color combinations for photography requires planning if not effort. Use of color in photography is an Art as old as photography itself but most of us don’t realize the importance of co-ordination and planning. In this guide, we will consider some tips to get the best color combinations when posing for photos. But first: we will consider … [Read more...]

The Best Colors for Websites

If you have been following this blog, you know by now that colors are central to our lives and also to our businesses. I have already covered the best logo and business colors and today we will take a look at the best colors for websites and how you can use them to improve the appearance of your site. Colors of website: Powerful communication tool Your … [Read more...]

What Does the Color of Your Logo Mean?

Each of us has a personal relationship with colors. Different colors give out different wavelengths and frequencies and when these enter the viewer’s eyes, the neurological pathways trigger different responses in one’s brain. This is the reason why different colors evoke different responses in everyone. When you are using colors in your business especially … [Read more...]

RAL Colors – What is the RAL Color Chart Used For?

Green beige, oyster white, sand yellow, rape yellow and olive yellow are some of the colors you might come across when referring to RAL colors, a color matching system that is popular in the European region. In the world of painting, its main use is for varnish and powder coating for effect and design and used mainly for color communication … [Read more...]

NCS Color – Natural Color System

NCS Color or the Natural Color System is based on exactly what the word implies – natural. The colors are exactly how the eyes naturally see red, yellow, blue, green, white and black. This color system is commonly used in painting, decorating and designing and with the new color specification under this system, there are now over a thousand colors … [Read more...]


CMYK color, RGB color and Pantone color (also called PMS) are abbreviations common in the printing world and often heard in the print design industry. To an untrained ear, they sound unfamiliar but the thing is that in any type of business, there is a kind of language distinct to each one known as jargon. Such is the case in print design where the said color … [Read more...]

Color Codes – Find HTML Color Codes for Your Homepage

The Internet is a colorful world. There are nearly 16 million colors available at the disposal of a web designer. This large number of choices available can end up confusing a novice designer. Often one may end up not giving much thought to choosing the right color codes and html color codes. Furthermore, one might only choose the colors based on a personal … [Read more...]