Hidden Meanings Of Colors And Art

Colors are the quintessential part of life. It is no wonder that Art plays a significant role in the life of man. Even a grey scale piece of art symbolizes a mood, or an emotion. Art as an abstraction is used in all aspects of life whether in dressing up for a meeting or a party, or plating up one’s favorite meal. We do not often think about it but colors … [Read more...]

Oil Painting Techniques Beginners Should Know About

When you think about oil painting, the mind inevitably conjures up images of centuries of art from the Renaissance masters to the more modern and charming creations you see in local art shops. If you are trying your hand at oil painting for the first time, this brief guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the techniques and styles in it.As you … [Read more...]

How to Oil Paint on Canvas in 10 Easy Steps – Beginner’s Guide

Oil paints are the preferred artwork materials for many artists. The simple reason for this being that they are timeless and easy to use. Beginners to painting are also likelier to finish and accomplish a given project simply by mixing these beautiful paints having a buttery consistency in the palette cups. In this brief guide, I will ease the process of … [Read more...]

Mixing Colors – How to Mix Paint Colors to Make a Custom Color

Mixing colors might seem like an easy topic but if you research a bit on it, you will find that thousands of pages have been written on this subject. What could be the reason behind this? Is it not as simple as Orange = Red + Yellow? Yes, that is true, but there is still a lot more in mixing colors and especially when it comes to mixing paints. The … [Read more...]

Canvas Painting Ideas – How to Get Started

Canvas painting is a fantastic way to exercise the right part of the brain and everyone should explore it. That being said: looking at a blank canvas can be a bit intimidating to the beginner, after all; not everyone can come up with the right canvas painting ideas. So, in this guide, we shall explore a few methods of exercising the grey cells in order to … [Read more...]