12 Best Online Color Design Games for Relaxation or Testing Your Color IQ

Illustrating the concept of logical thinking with colorful geometric shapes on a wooden background

Most of us, irrespective of our age, love coloring. After all, it is a soothing and relaxing activity that is also scientifically proven to promote stress relief. Today, there are many free and paid apps filled with coloring pages for kids and adults. There are color design games available as well, and you are bound to spend many a happy hour playing them.

In this guide, we are enlisting some cool games that have color as their central theme. Some of these color-based games can even help you sharpen your color sense and learn basic color theory. We have included the top color design games for kids and adults, so go ahead and try them out!

1. Color Design Games

Color Design Games is exclusively designed for girls. The colors of the website are so bright and vibrant that they are sure to remind you of a Disney fairytale. There is a wide range of categories for you to choose from: Animals, Fashion, Food, Dress up, Nails, Doctor, Celebs, etc. You can even download some of these games for free. Color Design Games are also associated with Color Cooking, Color Wedding Games, Color Girl Games, and Lemo Games.

2. GamesGames

GamesGames has several color design games for boys and girls. These are suitable for kids of all ages, and one need not have special artistic skills to enjoy them. Virtual coloring has tons of benefits: it is mess-free and perfect for calming kids. Kids will love the Puzzle Painter, Birthday Party coloring game, and Build-A-Beast. Adults can color Mandalas. Note that many games need a Flash application to run them. No mess, and you can scratch and start over again!

3. Color My Style Fashion Design Game

This is a great game for girls who love all things related to fashion. You get to choose the cut and style, add in colors, and also decorate the clothes with prints and patterns. Girls love this highly-rated color design game which needs a Flash plug-in to work. Worry not: the results are always cute, and you can choose from several categories like celebrities, anime, dating and friends, makeovers, fantasy, seasonal, and more.

4. Colorfy

Colorfy is a free addicting coloring book/game app for adults. It has received thousands of positive reviews, and many an adult has found it therapeutic and relaxing. You color and re-color the blank pages online or could even download them for offline coloring. Colorfy will make you feel like a kid again, and it is available for Android and iOS.

5. Kolor

Click the link to Kolor, and you are immediately hit with your first question: ‘what color is this?’ Before you can react, the color has changed. By the time you know what to do, you have probably lost a couple of points. The colors get progressively harder to guess as choices increase. You are hit with your total score, and you can start again to improve it. All in all, Kolor is a great way to while away the time or for when you need colorful inspiration.

6. RGB Challenge

This cool color design game requires you to know about the RGB concept. This concept is related to the HTML/CSS colors, which have a decimal color code for each color. This decimal code is represented as RGB (x,y,z), where x,y, and z are single or three-digit numbers between 0 and 255 corresponding to the concentration of three primary colors. Thus black is represented by RGB (0,0,0) while white is RGB (255,255,255). In the RGB challenge game, you are given three colors along with the RGB (x,y,z) values, and you have to select the right color from that set, corresponding to the given code. The game can go on forever, provided you keep getting the right answers. But when you go wrong, your score resets to zero, and you have to start again. So go ahead and challenge yourself to beat your highest score.

7. Brandseen

This is a cool color-based app that tests your brand awareness knowledge. You are given logos of top brands, and you need to fill in their right colors in them. Three young designers developed this app during the Greylock Hackfest in 2012. Unfortunately, the game is only designed for nine logos so far, but we hope they will add more soon.

8. Color Pixel Art Classic Game

Color pixel art classic is an HTML-based game for kids and adults where you are presented with an object/animal along with color blocks below the animal picture. All you need to do is select your favorite color and click all over the picture to color the entire animal. Enjoy the results! On the downside, the game is very tedious, and it could take several hours of painful clicking to complete it.

9. Color Game

Test your knowledge about color hue, saturation, complementary colors on the color wheel chart, analogous colors, triadic, and tetradic colors with this sweet game. There is a time limit, though, so you have to be fast!

10. Memozor

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this memory game with many colors. Match the color tiles quickly, although there’s no time limit. It is a soothing game that also enhances memory and cognition. You can also challenge yourself by selecting up to 36 tiles.

11. Game Iox App Eye Test

This game presents colored tiles, and all you need to do is choose a tile that has a different hue or saturation. Mind you, it is not as simple as it may seem, and the levels get harder. There is also a clock running, so the faster you can find the odd tile out, the better it is for your score!

12. Xrite Color Challenge and Hue Test

According to research based on the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test, 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision defect. You can test your color IQ on the Xrite color challenge and find out for yourself. The test involves shifting blocks of colors in the right direction based on the hue or saturation. It is a highly relaxing game at the end of which you are presented with your scores.