Best Nail Colors For 2017

Manicured hands with stylish colorful nails on a light blue background

2017 is almost at an end but that does not mean that the search for ‘most popular nail colors’ for the year has diminished. Not at all! In fact; now that the Holidays are almost upon us, more and more searches are coming up for trends that are influencing manicures. So today we will take a look at the more popular nail colors for 2016 and 2017 which might even go on to influence the fashion scenes in 2018!

Dark colors are still in!

2016 was all about gothic, dark nail shades like black and dark purple, rich modern maroon, browns and deep red and they are all very popular still. We believe that these trends will continue on in 2018. Blue-purple which is rich and deep is also extremely popular. If black is not your cup of tea, you could go for deep indigo which is a shade darker than your regular purple. Stark eggplant with an intense shine is another popular color choice for nails this year. Check out some of these shades below.

best nail colors for 2017

Image: Obsessive Cosmetics Hoarder Unite

Metallic gels

The next trend we are seeing in popular nail colors for 2017 are metallics. Metallic charcoals, glittering grays, gleaming purples and dark silver-grays are popular shades used by many popular celebrities. It is no wonder nail art specialists and consumers alike have embraced these shades. Thanks to the Internet, gel polish designs with these colors have spread to far reaches of the globe. More and more women are going for such shades for their Saturday night parties. A popular color for holiday parties is a mix of silvery chunks and fine glitter confetti (shown below).  The best part about these popular nail polish colors 2017 is that you can wear them standalone or over other shades to disguise a chipping manicure.

popular nail colors for 2017

Image: via Pinterest courtesy of Knailant

Berry and bronzed reds

As far as nail colors go, plain Red is passé! Berry shades are better alternatives to it as they are not as predictable as true reds and look amazing when painted on nails. The same is true with bronzed red (or red with flecks of bronze) that make it an amazing color for winters. Another exciting hue is metallic cranberry (shown below) which is glitzy and glamorous instead of being plain and boring. Cherry red is another popular color for toe nails and finger nails. Use it to make your dark winter palette pop!

popular nail colors for 2017

Image via Pinterest courtesy of @thepolishedimage

Smokey blues

Winter wonderland is gray so why not use a shade that highlights it? Smokey gray and smokey blue color is subdued, mysterious and yet has its own charm.

popular nail colors for 2017

Image via Pinterest courtesy Mavala

Pearly pink

Want your nails to show just a hint of color? Then go for pearly pink or light silver. This is an ideal shade for brides!

popular nail colors for 2017

Forest green

Green is usually not a color of choice for nails but dark forest green shades that are opaque without glitter or glitz have been extremely popular in 2017.

popular nail colors for 2017


Nail colors with duo chrome shimmers

These are extremely popular as they show two different hues and flashes of light from different angles.

popular nail colors for 2017

Do you have a favorite nail polish you have used or are planning to wear this year?