Best Makeup Colors For Fair Skin

Brushes putting makeup on face of woman with light skin

Selecting the right makeup colors for fair skin tone can be a daunting task, especially if you are born with very pale skin. Too much of makeup might overwhelm your complexion; too little will make you look like a fragile porcelain doll. So how do you go about looking for the best makeup look for fair skin? The answer lies in the following tips and tricks:

Tips for selecting the best makeup colors for fair skin

Lay off harsh lip colors

Women with dark or olive skin tones look great with darker shades of lipsticks, but these shades do not at all compliment the fairer skin tones. Instead fair skin ladies must go for soft pinks, apricots or light orange-reds. These colors can bring out the beauty of the lips without being overwhelming on the pale complexion. You can most certainly use dark red lipstick for evenings or night outs.

Go for the smoky eye

The reason why shades of grey work well on the eyes in women with pale complexion is due to the fact that these colors can make the eyes really pop in the otherwise pale face. Other top makeup colors for eyes for fairer skin tones include champagne, brown or soft pinks. Also use Mascara and you can go really nutty with this- choose the blackest of black shades. The ultra black colored Mascaras by most of the popular makeup brands will work really well to make your eyes pop out in the pale face. Eyeliner is also a must-have for girls with very fair or pale skin color. Try and practice drawing a straight line with your eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners are the best but you can also go for dependable pencils.

Make blush your best friend

Blush can be your best friend when you are blessed with very fair or pale skin tones. So, go in for natural soft pink or peach hues but do avoid overdoing things. Apricot and light reddish pinks are best for pale complexion when selecting blushes.

Choose good foundation based on your skin type

The important thing for flawless makeup foundation is to select it based on your skin type. If you have normal or combination skin, go for full or medium coverage. For dry skin, go in for cream or liquid based foundations. For oily and sensitive skin, it is best to choose medium, calming foundation. For very fair porcelain complexion that burns easily, select mineral foundation that is one shade darker than the skin’s undertone. Try and select products with SPF 15++ for UV protection. Here are some more foundation tips in general:

  • The selected foundation should not change your natural skin tone
  • If you have redness or irritated skin, go for yellow based shades.
  • To select foundation, apply a drop of it on your jaw line and study it under natural light. You can also compare shades by applying them side by side. The best match will be the one that blends in easily with your skin.

Warm colors

The best makeup colors for fair skin are warm colors like honey, peach, matte reds and muted oranges. Make sure to keep your look light and airy.

Colors to avoid

Certain colors to avoid for fair skin tones include bright greens and blues around the eyes as well as dark bronzers on the cheeks. These will only make you look overly made-up; which you must avoid at all costs. If you want to use bronzers for a sun-kissed glow, make sure you use it lightly only on the cheeks and in combination with a blush.

Avoid face powders-use BB creams instead

While mineral makeup has revolutionized foundation and coverage, girls with very fair skin will do well by avoiding face powders which could give one a cakey look. BB creams are also a great option since they provide correction for age spots and are ideal for fair skinned women in their late thirties and early forties.

Fill thin brows in

Thin brows with pale skin tones are a strict no-no. Use a brow pencil to fill in sparse eyebrows and stay away from over tweezing them.

Finding the best makeup look for fair skin is not easy and it will take a lot of experimenting to find colors that compliment your complexion. That being said; the aforementioned tips are proven and tested methods of doing up fair skin tones. So go on-try out these best makeup colors and see how you stand out!