Best Interior Colors For Your Home For 2016

2016 home interior colors concept with paint rollers

If you are looking for the best interior colors for your home this year, you are in the right place. We will discuss top interior design color trends for 2016 as forecasted by top Paint companies.

rose quartz and serenityRose Quartz and Serenity

These two colors and the combination thereof have been named as the Colors for 2016 by Pantone, the color experts. Rose Quartz is a pale shade of pink which can work extremely well for your walls and its accents. Serenity is a pale shade of blue that can enhance the feeling of comfort and coziness in the surroundings.

Serenity pairs well with Buttercup yellow and navy blue as well as Peach.

Rose quartz pairs well with light blue/Serenity, Peach and Lilac gray.

Snorkel Blue

best interior colors for 2016

This is a slightly darker shade of blue which belongs to the navy family. It is a happier and energetic version of blue which can work well for living rooms, sports rooms, gyms etc. It is striking and still with tons of activity in its undertones.

Pairs well with coffee, yellow/buttercup and peach echo.



best interior colors for 2016

This is a beautiful shade of yellow-orange which is sunny, cheerful, warm and reminiscent of spring/summer. Yellow and its shades are ideal for stimulating intelligent activities and creativity-so go on and use Buttercup for kids’ rooms, study rooms etc.

Pairs well with navy and light blue or serenity, as well as with Lilac Gray.


best interior colors for 2016Limpet shell

This beautiful interior design color belongs to the light turquoise or aqua family. It is clear, clean and well-defined and symbolizes freshness and clarity. You can use aqua chiffon or Limpet Shell as is or as an accent particularly in the bedrooms and bathrooms. It will certainly bring you peace of mind which everyone is yearning for.

Limpet shell pairs well with peach echo, rose and coffee.

best interior colors for 2016Lilac Gray

Every year, interior design color trends demand at least one neutral shade and Lilac Grey fits that category perfectly well. This color works beautifully with wood and natural linen and adds a distinctive personality to an otherwise neutral Gray. If you think Gray is dull, think again! Lilac Gray can add warmth and coolness all in one and also combines beautifully with brighter colors like yellow or blues as well as with other neutral shades. Lilac grey can even be used as an accent color to balance things out in bright or neutral interiors.

Pairs well with green, fiesta red and coffee.

best interior colors for 2016Peach Echo

Both fashion designers and interior designers have been in love with orange since decades and this beautiful peachy-pink shade is playful and all-encompassing. It works especially well for girl’s bedrooms given the fact that not everyone is fond of the regular pink and lavender when it comes to selecting a feminine color. Friendly, warm and accessible, peach echo can be a wonderful addition to your home if you are looking to renovate in 2016.

Pairs well with blue, rose and lilac gray.

best interior colors for 2016Fiesta

The simplest way to describe Fiesta is: “yellow-based red which is a harbinger of excitement and free-spirited exploration”. You can never go wrong with fiesta red –add it to your living room through drapes or chairs or go for small dining alcove with this color. This color will work very well with gray and other neutral shades. Conversely, you can also combine it with daring colors like Magenta for a more feminine look.

Pairs well with green, snorkel blue and limpet shell or light aqua.

best interior colors for 2016Iced Coffee

This is a strong, neutral and earthy shade that is ideal for this season. The best part about using this neutral color palette is that you can go all out with other complimentary shades and mix bolder colors with abandon.

Pairs well with light blue, rose or light pink and Lilac Gray.

best interior colors for 2016Green flash

Escape the mundane with this brilliant hue which is representative of nature’s unexpected and serendipitous ways. This active color is ideal to match the vibrant energy of kids. This fern green has slightly yellow undertones and you can either opt for a sofa or some cushions in Green Flash to add freshness to a living room.

Pairs well with navy blue, light blue and limpet shell.

We hope these 2016 interior color trends help you make the right decisions when it comes to your renovation project.