The Best Hair Colors for Fall This Season

hair color shades and hues

Summer is almost over and that means saying goodbye to the blazing summer heat, chlorinated pools, beach air, chemical relaxers, and all other things that tend to leave hair fried and dry. So how about trimming your hair a bit and adding a gorgeous new color? Color that is reminiscent of autumnal hues! If you have played with highlights or a brighter hair color this summer, then it is time to warm up your hair color a bit. Here are some of the best hair colors for fall:

Tips for selecting hair color based on season

Seasonal hair color changes also come with the same considerations that we use when making changes in our wardrobe: they should harmonize the natural coloring. For example, if you have light eyes and light hair color, then jet black hair would definitely look highly unnatural. Likewise, a brunette would look washed out if she bleaches her hair to full blonde. In general, it is best to keep your hair color within 2-3 shades of your natural color. Anything beyond that will look artificial and also be high maintenance.

Portrait collage of women with various hair color skin tone and complexion

Trending autumn hair colors are red, purple, berry, and plum highlights. But you must account for your skin undertones and eye color before making these changes. If you are taking the DIY route, the name of the hair color product usually indicates the ‘temperature’ of that color. For example, arctic blonde is ‘cool’; honey blonde is ‘warm’, while neutral blonde is ‘in-between’. The picture on the hair color box will also indicate the final result. Do avoid products that do not indicate the color temperature such as ‘Flirtatious Fawn’ or ‘Bashful Beige’. You can also consult the salesperson when in doubt.

Top hair color ideas if you are blonde

If you are blonde and wish to stay blonde, then use golden blonde tones. Avoid ash blonde which can make you look pale if you already have a pale complexion.

Collage of dying blond hair to black, before after concept

For blondes, hair color trends indicate the following:

  • If you have cool skin coloring or alabaster complexion and wish to continue with blonde hair color, then go in for platinum/ash blonde/blonde with a tinge of yellow. Avoid brassy gold. Go for colors with names like Nordic, Platinum, Glacier, or Moonlight.
  • In case of warm undertones, go for warmer blondes which will flatter your skin tone. These could have names like Honey Blonde, amber blonde, caramel blonde or warm beige.
  • In case you are ‘in-between’ with either neutral or streaked hair tones then a combination of warm and cool blonde can look good.
  • If you have spent too much time in a chlorinated pool this summer, your hair might have obtained a slightly greenish tinge. In such a case, go for reddish tones to neutralize the green. If you have a warm coloring and have used a product with violet or silver, then seek the help of a hair care expert who can suggest the right golden tone that does not clash with your skin tone.


Redheads are often categorized to be in the ‘warm category’ but there are different undertones in reds and the skin tones of redheads. If you are a redhead with sallow or yellowish skin undertone, then you should be cautious of over-doing warm undertones. This will emphasize sallowness. Instead, go for a mixture of copper and auburn shades.

red hair color makeover

For redheads, these fall hair color ideas can work:

  • Red hair has a tendency to become brassy over time. If this is the case, go in for cool auburn undertones.
  • Cool skinned redheads with very fair or pale skin can go for shades like sherry, berry, plum, and light/medium/dark auburn.
  • If you are warm skinned, go for colors with names like copper, burnished copper, ginger, spiced, tawny, etc. Now that Halloween is almost upon us, you can, if you are brave enough, go for colors like feisty pumpkin.

Brown hair/Brunette

Brown hair color can vary from light to dark and there may or may not be red undertones.

brown or brunette hair makeover

Here are some fall hair colors for brunettes:

  • Warm-toned brunettes can go for amber or honey colors. Hair color products often indicate the temperature: golden brown, honey brown, russet brown, etc.
  • In case your hair and skin tone cannot be easily definable as cool or warm, you can go for variegated combinations of cool and warm undertones like fawn, medium brown, roasted almond, tweed, acorn brown, etc. Variegated streaks of warm and cool browns will look best for such women and men.


Nature has intended for our hair to go gray as we age. You may not want any drastic color changes but you can always liven up the gray by making the hair shiny this autumn.

Smiling senior woman in scarf, looking away having white hair
  • Salt and pepper look is suitable for those transitioning from youthful dark to a mixture of dark and light.
  • If you have cool skin coloring or cool undertones, go for white or silvery shades like Moonlight or glacier.
  • For warm skin tones, go for pewter effect.
  • Mixed or neutral skin tones can keep the streaked variations of salt and pepper in the hair as it looks best with their variegated skin tones.


Black hair can have blue undertones if you are of Asian descent or it could actually be the darkest shade of brown or umber black. That is why very dark black or brown hair color shades look so artificial on some people. If your skin is aging, then Count-Dracula like blue-black can look too severe and harsh. So always soften the hair color and make sure it matches with the skin undertone changes that inevitably come with age.

Head of a girl with black gray hair. Hair coloring. Before and after.

Hair color ideas for black hair and dark eyes

  • If you want to go blonde, avoid yellow-blonde. That will only make your skin look sallow and custard toned. This is unflattering and can make you look older. Add some caramel highlights that will indicate you have just spent a summer in the tropics.
  • You can stay brunette with lighter or darker shades and add highlights.


The above are general guidelines for choosing your hair color this fall. Often, it is best to stick to softest and coolest colors in your palette rather than jumping to a whole new shade. You can always consult a hair color specialist in case you are not sure of what would suit you best. Men and women in their fifties or those with considerable skin tone and eye color changes may want to carry a photograph of their younger self so that their stylist can get an idea about what they are looking for without making any drastic changes.