Best Design Ideas and Color Schemes for Hallways

Interior of modern hallway with mirror

Hallways are often overlooked when people are redesigning their homes. So, these areas usually remain dark, closed and narrow with a lot of wasted space. In reality, there are a number of entrance hall color schemes and designing ideas for hallways which can spruce them up and even make them more useful and expansive. Here are some ideas to consider for your hallway to make them look more attractive.

Add glass paneled doors to their entrance

Wooden door panels make hallways look smaller and darker. Frosted glass or plain glass panel doors allow more light to be reflected in the hallways making them brighter and more cheerful. You can also choose lighter paint colors for small hallway walls to help reflect more light. Multi-plane or single plane frosted glass doors really allow plenty of light and can also enhance the entrance to small hallways and living rooms. Unfortunately, one can only use these ideas for houses rather than apartments since most apartments have strict redecorating codes.

Add decorative light sources

If despite adding glass doors, there isn’t much light entering the narrow hallways, you could go for track lights. Track lights are great at enhancing the natural beauty of your photo frames and art work you hang on the hallway walls. Properly used track lights will actually make you feel like you are walking through a museum passage thanks to their focused lighting! The beauty of track lights is that they even appear to lend themselves to the shape of the hall because of the length and width. They are also inexpensive and readily available both online and offline.

Use the best paint color for small hallways – Silver!

According to expert designer Libby Langdon, one of the best paint colors for small hallways is silver. Naturally, you must only use this color on the ceiling as it enhances reflection of natural light and also the light of the paint color you choose for your walls. Alternatively, you could go in for mirrored ceiling tiles which will help the ceiling look higher which makes the hallway appear larger. Other top hallway color schemes include yellow and white; both colors work well as they allow light to bounce off cramped spaces creating visual advantage.

Use wallpapers

Paint colors are not the only way to spruce up bare walls. You can also add wallpapers which could either be plain or textured. Here are some more tips to use wallpapers in place of paint for hallway walls:

  • Textured wallpapers add depth while plain wallpapers add continuity. Both can be used to cover up blemishes or dents in walls that are irreparable.
  • Scenic and mural papers are wonderful for hallways as well as for the dining areas. Bare and minimally furnished hallways can really benefit from these extra decorations.

Use light colored hallway runners

Paint colors and lights aren’t the only ways to redecorate cramped hallways. If you have dark wood floors, then they might end up making your hallways appear cramped and narrow. Use light colored runners made of indoor carpeting. These days, ready-made indoor hallway runners are also readily available in fun colors and patterns. Talk to your designer as to how you can use the wall paint colors and the runner colors to make dark hallways brighter. Alternatively, go for white tiles or dark glossy flooring in hallways. You can also paint horizontal diamonds on the floor, if you are bold enough to do so, to visually extend the appearance of a tiny passage.

Add a touch of Feng Shui

Feng shui hallway colors are known to bring peace and harmony in the house. This ancient art and science of home decoration places a great deal of emphasis on sprucing up the entrance hallway. According to expert Alan Chong, the entrance hallway Feng Shui color schemes you choose even indicate how well your family is doing. As per this Science, one can use earthy colors for the entrance hallway to create coziness in the house and makes guests feel welcome. The Chinese also have a saying that goes: Kai Men San Jiam which means ‘seeing three objects upon entering the home’. This means choosing three objects to place at the entrance-they can be green plants, ornate objects and paintings. Green plants create refreshing entrance while the painting and objects help reduce stress and bring harmony. Do check out my article on ‘How to use Feng Shui Colors in your home’.

Keep the look cohesive

While hallways should be always made welcoming and warm, the style of designing you use must also reflect the style and tone of your entire home. After all; there isn’t much sense arriving in a strictly formal entrance hallway only to enter into a casually styled living and dining room. Once you decide on the color schemes for the house, work on making the hallways warm and welcoming. As stated above, make use of the best colors, mirrors, paintings, rugs and lights. You can also add a small table with a drawer or console to keep your keys or a vase of flowers, along with a place for keeping coats, hats, shoes and umbrellas.

It can be so much fun redesigning your house. We hope these hallway and entrance decorating tips give you many more creative ideas so you can incorporate your own personality and style in the project. Good luck!