Best Colors to Dye Your Hair If You Are Looking for a Change

Fashion collage of girls with colorful dyed hair

Pretty much everyone has heard those jokes about blondes, brunettes and red heads. While they are far from true, there are some interesting theories about personalities of the naturally blonde, brown, red or dark haired people. Blondes are actually smarter than most in school unlike the stereotypical jokes about them and brunettes are sensitive and caring as against their being ruthless and sticklers of rules. It is true that brunettes are perceived as hard working and responsible but blondes and dark haired people are no less hard working or responsible in comparison. Dark and black haired people come across as mysterious but they are more fun than you think.

Nonetheless, coloring hair for the fun of it and not just to cover untimely greys has been the trend for quite some time now. You could choose to dye your hair with any color really and the latest trend is that you can even choose multiple cool colors. Multicolor highlights and dip dye are so popular that you must sport them if you want to be sensational. You can opt for conservative single color highlights that look quite natural or go for wild streaks and flamboyant dip dyes that will make your hairstyle pop. In this guide, we will study some of the fun colors to dye hair.

Some fun colors to dye your hair


Magenta is great for streaking or dip dyeing blonde hair and is one of the cool colors to dye hair. If you like to combine colors, you could do alternate streaks of magenta and purple. Dip dyes work better on longer hair. If you have a close crop, you can go for magenta or purple highlights.

Fluorescent green

While Magenta is great, fluorescent green is sensational. If you want your hair to be a head turner but at the same time beautiful, streak your hair fluorescent green and use a curling iron to make the streaks pop even more.

Golden yellow

If you are a natural red head or a brunette and do not want a global color, you can opt for a golden yellow highlight. You could also dip dye your hair half way down using golden yellow.

Light leaf green

A great option if you have red or black hair. You could highlight a fistful of hair or dye it in streaks. You could just have one highlighted line of pale green through out the length and lighten the rest of your hair half way down. Another great combination with light leaf green is light blue or light pink. It is a great fresh look that compliments the hearty smile you always sport.


It seems hard to believe but you could get a global purple dye and still look appropriate for any occasion. Just make sure you lighten your hair a little bit based on how dark your natural hair color is. You could also get a layered haircut if you have long hair or a fringe if you have short hair. This is one of the best colors to dye hair for men and women.


Yes, Orange! Use bright orange if you want to highlight your blond hair or dip dye if you are a brunette. If you have red hair, add several streaks of bright orange and it will give your red a refreshing glimmer and shine.

Bluish black

Black hair is sophisticated and classy. If you want to accentuate the shine, use bluish black shades to streak your hair. A global bluish black is also great and one of the best colors to dye hair for boys and girls.

Electric blue

Want to highlight your asymmetric haircut blonde? Think again. We have seen purples and magentas, reds and oranges but if you are into cool looks and trendy styles, what could be cooler than electric blue?

Highlighted braids

If you love a fishtail braid or any braid for that matter, you could use a multitude of colors depending on your natural hair color to highlight the braid. If you have dark hair, bright light colors like peppermint green, sea blue, baby pink and golden yellow can be used in combination. If you have naturally blond hair, reds and shades of burgundy along with dark leaf green colors can make your braid sensational. Permanent dye isn’t always convenient when trying to highlight a braid. You can use temporary color options like chalking or using eye shadow to temporarily color your hair. You could even use food color. It is easy, fast and goes away in a jiffy.

Consider your natural hair color while deciding which color you want to use to dye your hair with. If you are unsure whether a certain color will go well with your skin tone, try a temporary option. Some colors are best used a highlights. Try various stylish haircuts and highlight portions with bold colors. Technology makes it possible to try colors and styles virtually before you actually get them done. Find a salon that can give you a virtual walk-through of different hairstyles and best colors to dye hair to get a gorgeous look!