Best Colors For Summer Weddings

Blue themed wedding setup at white sandy beach

The colors you choose for your summer or fall wedding can help set the tone for the entire celebration. Couples need to give their wedding color palette a great deal of thought. Consider the venue and setting of your wedding and then settle on your summer wedding color palette. If you need inspiration, we have come up with some of the most popular summer beach wedding colors and fall and summer wedding color schemes to help you choose. Before discussing the best colors for summer weddings, we will discuss factors that can help you choose them.

How to choose summer wedding color schemes for 2017-18 weddings

Some wedding color schemes are timeless. Summer weddings of 2016 saw their use excessively and we predict that the same would be true for 2017 and 2018 weddings. In general, warm weather goes well with pastels, neutrals and juicy bright hues. Spring and summer months do very well these colors. Fall and winter weddings on the other hand tend to do very well with timeless colors like black, brown, orange, red and gold.  As a thumb rule, it is best to stay away from pastel or pale shades for winter weddings and jewel tones for summer weddings. Nothing is hard and fast though-you can be as creative as you like and may even go for a gingham black and white pattern for your summer wedding.

1.  Based on the wedding venue

Your venue plays a huge role in deciding your summer wedding color palette.

  • For outdoor subdued venue with an open field, use bright colors.
  • In case the venue already has brightly colored flowers (such as in a botanical garden), go for neutral colors.
  • For an indoor reception in a large ballroom, go for bolder colors that brighten things up.
  • In case of a beach wedding, go for colors like tan, black, custom gold or sky blue.

2. Based on your favorites

Your favorite colors or even your favorite flower can help you choose your wedding color scheme. If you like red roses, you can build your entire summer wedding palette around these flowers. Make sure that your chosen flower is in season else exotic blooms may have to be shipped from foreign locales which can increase the cost.

3. Based on mood you want to create

Your chosen colors schemes for summer weddings can also be based on the tone you wish to set for the day. Do you and your significant other wish to convey an elegant, formal, tone or would you rather go for a whimsical, playful one? Other moods include romantic, beach, sophisticated, vintage and rustic. These schemes can help you choose your colors. Your chosen wedding theme can give you great ideas based on the mood you want to create. It will also say a lot about you as a couple.

Top colors for summer 2017 weddings

Here are some of the top colors for this year’s summer weddings:

Pantone Niagara

This is a cool shade of denim like blue.

best wedding colors in summer 2017

Pantone Primrose yellow

This is a sunny, bright yellow perfect for summer or fall weddings.

pantone primrose yellow for summer weddings

Pantone Flame

This is a fiery orange-red.

pantone Flame orange for summer weddings

Pantone Pink Yarrow

This is a beautiful vibrant shade of pink.

pantone pink yarrow summer weddings 2017-18

Pantone Kale green

A rich earthy shade of green, this will be a hit for your summer wedding.

kale Pantone kale green for summer weddings

These colors are best suited for summer weddings as they evoke a spectrum of emotions – from the invigorating feeling of fresh mountain air to pristine cool waters to the warmth of the sunny days. Choose one of these 2017-18 palettes and enjoy your beautiful summer wedding.