Best Color Combinations for Websites

Colorful fresh modern website design on different devices

As a web producer, you need to pick the right website colors that go well together. Using the right colors is the most important way to communicate and connect with your web users. Since strangers come to your site, the first thing that would strike them is the colors of your web page. So it is crucial to choose appropriate color schemes and designs that will enhance content and images on your websites. Today we are going to study top website color schemes for 2017 that will also go well in 2018.

Problems with choosing color combinations for websites

Users encounter many issues when selecting the right color combinations for their sites:

Colors not displaying properly

Often colors that look good on paper do not look good on screen. The opposite is also true which means that colors that look good on screen do not print well. For example, yellowish green and grayish blue are stunning on paper but their effect on the screen is pretty mediocre. Likewise, orange and bright green do not look good on paper.

Unlimited choices

When it comes to website color schemes for 2017, users were literally spoilt for choice. There are millions of choices available in the website color spectrum. So you may not know which colors to choose for the website.

Difference in monitors

These days, this issue has been more or less resolved as most monitors are standardized and there is not too much variation in colors display. Also, a slight difference is not really decipherable to the human eye. The key is to select the right website color codes so that all the users will only see them as designed.

Not paying enough attention to interaction and harmony of colors

good contrast and bad contrast

For designers, the vast choice available in website color schemes can be confusing. Often they do not understand what colors go well with each other and harmonize each other. Garish colors are extremely annoying to web users and can increase your bounce rate. A bad choice of website color scheme can result in a really poor image for the site.

Factors to consider when selecting website colors that go good together

Cultural significance

Many countries avoid use of certain colors as they are symbols of bad luck. If your audience is going to be from different countries and cultures, you must make an effort to understand these associations. For example, black may be an elegant color but many associate it with negative connotations.


There are many website color picker apps and tools that can suggest good colors that will not impact the readability. That said; there should be enough contrast between the background and foreground to make the text visible. Avoid using analogous and monochromatic colors as they will make it difficult for the reader to read the text. Bright colors are generally good but avoid using very bright colors on all pages as they become an eyesore. In general, go for colors that are close to each other on the color wheel if you are looking for subtle changes. Complementary colors are also good but top designers avoid using them for foreground and background as they become overwhleming. Also avoid very high contrasts as this can reduce the readability of the text.


best website color combinations

Never make your readers go treasure hunting for the links. Make sure they are visible and also have the right color change when they have been clicked. In the image above, too any colors might confuse readers where to click!


A good website color palette generator will ensure that your website’s palette gives a sense of professionalism and familiarity about your website/brand. Designers must take the other brand materials available for this purpose.


The website color schemes must be accessible to color blind users as well. Blue, yellow, white and black are some best combinations as they are less likely to be confused with other colors. Finally, the colors should also be web-safe which means the same set of 216 colors can display on all platforms without dithering.

5 Best website color schemes

White Yellow Black

This combination has neutral colors with pops of yellow. Despite being minimal, it creates a high visual impact. Colors used are #191919 #DFE2DB #FFF056 #FFFFFF.

best website color combinations


This uses a 5-color combination that is cheerful and lively. It gives a sense of balance and contrast. Colors used are #BCCF02, #5BB12F, #9B539C, #EB65A0, #73C5E1

best website color combinations

Elegant and inviting

Vanilla, taupe gray, eggshell and jelly bean red give it an energetic color burst to this scheme. Color codes are #EAE7DC, #D8C3A5, #8E8D8A, #E98074, #E85A4F.

best website color combinations

Stylish and sophisticated

Luxurious, distinctive, high end and classy! Codes used #CBC5C1, #A2AABO, #EBECED, #4C586F, #3E3B3F.

best website color combinations

Pretty pastels

Colors inspired by the ocean! The codes used #4BBCF4, #61COBF, #BBDED6, #FFB6B9, #FAE3D9

best website color combinations