2017 Home Color Trends

2017 background with drops of color

If you are looking to renovate or paint your home in 2017, these 2017 home décor trends and interior design palettes can be very inspirational. Find out all about the color of the year 2017 as predicted by color experts as well as the best interior palettes you will surely love.

2017 Colors of the year

Poised Taupe

2017 home décor trends are all pointing to one thing: a feeling of coziness. More and more interior designers as well as homeowners want to create a cozy lifestyle to diffuse the outside stress. The trends also point towards ‘lived in homes’. What this means is people do not want everything to be spic and span. Instead; they are actually looking for weathered, lived in homes with cracks and crevices each of which tells a story. According to color experts at Accessa, lived in or weathered homes evolve harmoniously and create the best atmosphere of coziness. With this philosophy in mind, interior design experts have come up with Poised Taupe as the 2017 color of the year. Poised Taupe is a combination of grey and earthen brown- a complex combination that ‘celebrates a life well lived’.

2017 color of year interior design trends

Byzantine Blue

According to Glidden Paint, Byzantine Blue is the perfect color for 2017. It is ideal for kitchens, living rooms and even the bedrooms. Although the name says Blue, the color is more of purple. In fact; it can be said to combine the best qualities of blue, purple and gray and this combination makes it ideal for several rooms and even the office.

2017 color of year interior design trends

Mineral Gray

Many homeowners and designers alike are also willing to work with Grays. Mineral gray is especially popular since it is glamorous, elegant and luxurious. It is an ideal choice for the kitchen; you can use it on walls as well as the cabinets to infuse an eclectic look to your home décor.

2017 color of year interior design trends

12 Best Colors of 2017 according to Valspar

According to Valspar, 12 amazing new colors will be making a foray in the 2017 interior design scenes. These are:

  • Botanical yellow-green which represents eco-friendliness and early green blossoms of Spring.
  • Baked Terracotta-an earthy rich warm color that combines red and orange
  • Warm stone gray
  • Bright ultramarine
  • Peaceful white
  • Sliver sage
  • Pond blue
  • Blue violet
  • Blush Apricot
  • Twilight purple
  • Daisy yellow
  • Sweet violet

You can see all the colors here.

Benjamin Moore color trends for 2017

The Benjamin Moore color of 2017 is Shadow-a mysterious purple that is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. I have included the images (one above) to help you get an idea.

benjamin moore 2017 color of year

Colors and home décor trends that are definitely OUT for 2017

  • Copper, Marble and subway tiles
  • Fiddle leaf figs
  • Quote artwork
  • Open plan living

Kitchen décor trends for 2017

Two prominent color trends are emerging for 2017 kitchen décor styles. These are:

  • Dual toned cabinetry– Torn between white and gray- orange and yellow? You need not choose as you can use both. Dual toned cabinetry consists of coloring the upper cabinets in one color and the lower ones in another.
dual cabinetry kitchen decor trends for 2017
  • Grays are definitely in for kitchens, and they are actually replacing pristine and peaceful whites. I recommend soft peaceful gray with warm woodsy or earthy hues.

2017 Interior design palettes you will love

Here are the palettes you can go for along with design trends for 2017:

  • Dusky blue bedroom, living room
  • Blue green-living room
  • Sunshine yellow-bedroom, kitchen
  • Mineral gray-kitchen
  • Earthy greens-living room
  • Powdery blue-all rooms
  • Pastel pink-bedroom
  • Terracotta- You can also use cork in your building material to absorb noise and add warmth and texture to the space.
  • Say goodbye to navy and midnight blues and say hello to darker shades of green
  • Metal and Jewel tones inspired by space and cosmos

Images: BusinessWire, PRNews, HGTVHome