15 Photos to Help You Pick the Best Colors for Your Living Room

Working with color is one of the best ways to remodel a room and give it a makeover. Before you commit to a color scheme for your living room, give its size and shape some consideration. If your room is small, then lighter colors would be more suitable since they give an illusion of spaciousness. Conversely, use darker shades to make the space appear cozy and intimate.

Before you commit to a color scheme, you may want to try out a color on a small area first to see how it looks. Fresh colors will definitely change the room and give it a total makeover. Naturally, the wall colors aren’t the only thing to consider: you must also pay attention to the furnishings, the accessories, the accent colors, etc. All these can help you get on the color act as well.

Always choose a combination of two or three colors when designing your living room. Select a primary shade and work with two more shades that are on the opposite side of the color wheel. And do not overlook colors like pink; pink is very much in this year and more and more people are buying pink sofas and accessories. Pink combines beautifully with gray, white, and even jewel tones like emerald green and aquamarine.

If you are looking for beautiful living room color combinations for your next remodeling project, then these 15 gorgeous photos will certainly give you some much-needed inspiration.

Pink sofa and grey walls

living room color ideas and photos

The sofa in this room becomes the focal point of this beautiful and uniquely designed living room. It contrasts beautifully with the dark grey walls and the blue patterned rug picks up its color in the frame and artwork in the room. The cabinets also match with the frames and the beautiful lights add visual interest to the décor.

Emerald green and blue

stylish living room color combinations

Emerald green is the dominant color here and it is seen in one wall, the artwork, and the stool. Blue forms the secondary color seen in the rug and the chair. The combination gives a cool and soothing effect overall.

Blue and white

modern living room color schemes

If you select a bold color, then choose secondary and accent colors that are mid-toned or lighter. Here, the primary color is blue and is used in one wall and a single chair. The sofa, frame, and pillows break the monotony and prevent the primary color from becoming too dominant.

Black and white – two-color combination for living room

two color combination for living room

Black and white is a classic combination but the designer has also used several accent colors to decorate this functional living room. Brown forms the accent color and is seen in the lampshade, dining chairs, and the round floor cushion.

Pink and aqua

modern color combinations for living room redesigning

A two-toned approach to color turns this living room into a refreshing and lively space. The fresh aquamarine of the walls is offset by a charming and feminine pink while the neutral rug and minimal artwork emphasize both these primary colors.

Blue and orange

modern living room color combinations - Simple posters hanging on the wall in bright living room interior with blue curtains, coffee table placed on colorful carpet, green armchair and navy couch

Blue and orange are on the opposite sides of the color wheel and the designer has used these two brilliantly in this living room. The curtains pick up the sofa’s color while the cheerful orange pillowcases and the artwork brighten up space. The other paintings also pick up these interesting colors in a subtle manner.

Autumnal colors

Cozy living room interior inspired by autumn colors

A neutral sofa, walls, curtains, and rug is enlivened through the use of bright autumnal-hued pillowcases. These can be changed regularly depending on your mood and the season. The accent colors are also picked up in the vase and other artwork. All these can be rotated on a seasonal basis.

Colorful pillows against a neutral grey background

Stylish room in white color with sofa and autumn landscape in window. Scandinavian interior design. 3D illustration

You can easily give a living room a deeply personal touch by adding photo frames in the form of a collage. Beautiful, bright, multi-colored pillowcases add a vibrant and cheerful touch to this neutral décor.

Green and maroon

Cozy living room interior with corner sofa with pillows and painting on the wall

Green and maroon (a shade of red) lie on the opposite ends of the color wheel. This combination defies tradition creating a warm and elegant effect. Green can be seen in the pillows and the floor cushion. Maroon is the secondary color here, seen in the sofa. The grey of the curtains and the wall is picked up by the rug. All these colors are used in varying degrees in the artwork and accessories around the room.

Green and gray

This handsome living room uses gray and green as the main colors. The beautiful cooling green-gray combination provides a neutral background to all furnishings. The rug and the planter provide texture. The colors used here also soften the tone while the pillowcase and artwork stand out brilliantly against these shades.

Trendy posters in an elegant grey room

Gallery of trendy posters in elegant grey living room interior with brown corner sofa

Remember the jingle of ‘something dark, something light, something dull, something bright?’ The background here is light grey while the sofa is a brighter shade of brown. The combination gives a pleasant and restful feeling. The pillows also play with the light-dark and dull-bright effect. The overall result is cozy and comfortable. The collage of artwork above the sofa adds visual interest to the décor.

Gray and pink

Dry flowers in pottery vase on small wooden table next to velvet pink couch in grey living room living room color combinations

Velvety pink shares space with the neutral gray of the wall. Brown is used as an accent color in the coffee table, floor, and pillows. Gray accounts for 75% of the color in this living room and pink adds a touch of vibrancy to the otherwise neutral décor.

Functional gray living room

modern living room color combination ideas and photos

In this fresh and lively living room, gray forms a dominant color. Different shades of grey can be seen in the accessories. The overhead open shelves function both as storage and display units.

Orange and off-white

Modern living room apartment in orange and white color combinations

Orange works beautifully in combination with shades of white to give this open living room an illusion of space and warmth. This secondary color is used on a single wall, in the vase, and the sofa’s upholstery while a third accent color – brown – is also used subtly in the rug and a single pillowcase.

Gray, brown and maroon – an earthy palette

modern living room color combination ideas

One wall, curtains and a rug in different shades of grey form the main color in this earthy palette. To break grey’s monotony we have a rich, leathery brown sofa accessorized with pillows in dark grey and maroon. Maroon is further continued in the chair. Wooden paneling and raised flooring on the left provides a partition to the room.