10 Popular Wedding Colors for 2015 And What They Mean

Flower table decorations with matching colors for wedding dinner

Did you know that different wedding colors mean different things and give off different vibes about a couple-to-be? The chosen color palette of a wedding decor not only helps the couple infuse their personality and style into their wedding day, but also invokes different traditional meanings in the celebrations.

In this guide, we will discuss 10 of the most popular wedding color along with their symbolic and traditional representations.

2015 Popular wedding colors and their symbolic meanings


Blue has been and will always be one of the most popular wedding colors, and the wedding scene of 2015 is no different. More and more brides are known to select Celestial blue and its related shades for their upcoming spring or summer weddings. But what does this wedding color mean? Blue and its shades are all about fun. You could choose darker shades in it for adding masculinity to your wedding palette. Navy blue, for example, is ideal for beach weddings or for couples who are having a nautical wedding theme. Lighter shades of blue on the other hand symbolize tranquility, peace and spirituality. Brides who choose Blue often tend to have a sensitive and emotional personality.


To add a hint of playfulness, watermelon pink is an ideal wedding color. It infuses happiness and cheer in the wedding décor. Pink color in weddings also means beauty and love. Brides and grooms with charming, gentle and artistic personalities love this wedding color. Pale pink is also ideal for outdoor/garden or Church weddings and generally suits any Summer/spring wedding theme. Delicate, soft and charming, pale pink can be combined beautifully with green and grey for a marvelous wedding palette.

Coral or orange

The orange family is perfect for fall 2015 wedding palettes or schemes and it can help portray flamboyance, creativity, joy, optimism and enthusiasm. It is believed that personalities who prefer Orange and its related shades tend to be loud, impulsive, fond of adventure, but also popular and good natured. Orange is a wedding color that means vitality, strength and youthfulness.

Yellow and Gold

Lemon yellow wedding palette can help create an optimistic and cheerful décor. Yellow and its related shades are fun wedding colors which are also rather easy to incorporate; they go hand in hand with so many other colors. Yellow is a highly popular color in New England weddings as shown by the ‘Queen of weddings’ Martha Stewart (with her use of buttery porcelain, handmade yellow décor accents and flowers). Gold is perfect for Italian weddings and is a symbolic representation of abundance and wealth.


If you wish to infuse vibrancy, fun and freshness in your wedding, then turquoise is the color for you. Beach brides or couples having poolside weddings are especially known to favor this color very much. Turquoise in weddings also imparts meanings such as protection, compassion, emotional healing and inspiration. Turquoise is best paired with brown, hot pink or red.

Pearl or off-white

In western traditions, only the brides wear white but that is not stopping many modern women from selecting off-white or pearl colored dresses for their bridesmaids. Pearl is upscale and elegant and its metallic hint helps add elegance to winter weddings. White and its related hues also symbolize purity and innocence. Honesty, stubbornness, shyness and seriousness are other traits that are conveyed by pearly white wedding colors.


Pistachio or mint green is especially a hot favorite among brides tying the knot this year. Use shades of green to add a hint of freshness to the wedding décor. As green symbolizes growth, prosperity, abundance, love and renewal, it is also an ideal color for spring 2015 weddings. When using green for summer weddings, it is best paired with more cheerful colors such as Pink. Avoid the use of dark green as it symbolizes greed, jealousy and other negative connotations. Olive green on the other hand is a traditional color of peace.

Lilac and Lavender

Many summer and spring wedding palettes of 2015 are likely to see lilac and lavender in them. Very ladylike in their appearance, lilac and lavender family of colors usually conveys romance and nostalgia. If you also wish to portray royalty, magic, mystery and creativity go in for darker shades of this family, such as purple.


Black accents on the wedding dress, little black dresses on your pretty bridesmaids, as well as black invitation cards- you can use black in a million ways to convey sophistication, elegance and mystery to your wedding. It also portrays you as a couple who knows what they want and how to get it. Black can add a clean and sophisticated look to the wedding, provided it is used as an accent or in combination with a neutral or complementary shade.

Brown or Caramel

Very rich and rustic, caramel or brown is ideal for farm or vineyard weddings. The brown family of colors is a comforting and earthy one and couples who select it in their wedding palettes show themselves off as steady and reliable personalities. A very masculine shade, brown also helps portray masculinity, steadiness, and a connection to Mother Earth.

These are the 10 most popular colors for 2015 weddings along with their meanings. We hope this guide will come in handy when you plan your nuptials.