10 Of The Best Coloring Books For Adults

Female hands drawing on page from coloring book for adults

Who says coloring pages and coloring books are for kids only? Adults can use coloring books for their numerous health benefits. Today we are enlisting 10 of the best coloring books for adults.

  1. Secret Garden

Secret Garden can be considered as the book that kick started the popularity of coloring books specifically for adults. Thousands of people have enjoyed this book for its therapeutic and mindfulness based coloring. The manufacturers recently improved the quality of its paper-making it thicker and more convenient to color upon. Make sure you choose the right coloring pencils to color this beauty.

  1. Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest has been created by Johanna Basford-the illustrator of Secret Garden mentioned above. As far as advanced coloring books go, this is number one on our list. This delightful coloring book for adults is filled with pages and pages of colorable surfaces. The only downside to the book is that some of the images span both pages, so the artwork is lost in the joint. Also the book does not come with hardback cover. That said; this is considered as one of the best coloring books for adults and kids and has been enjoyed by thousands of adult coloring aficionados.

  1. Creative Haven Creative Cats

Love cats as much as you love coloring books and pages for adults? Then this is the coloring book for you! The original designs are filled with intricate tapestries of hearts, flowers, geometric shapes and motifs that form the insides of pretty pussycats. Oh yes, you are definitely going to have hours and hours of fun coloring this beauty. Its pages are thick, the designs are gorgeous and thousands of users have even re-ordered several more copies of it to gift to their kids, grandkids and friends. On similar lines, you can get the Creative Haven Owls adult coloring book by the same illustrator as well.

  1. Adult Coloring Books With Mandalas and Henna Patterns

If you like flowers, intricate patterns and mandalas then this adult coloring book won’t disappoint you. It has over 98 pages of designs that you can spend hours coloring happily without getting bored. None of the pages have black backgrounds, nor are the pages perforated. A single image is present on each page-so you need not worry about blotting, smearing or the color seeping through to the next image. The book has great quality paper, intricate designs and is suitable to be colored using markers, color pencils but not water colors.

  1. Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Jungle, sea, sand and savannah creatures, nearly 40 of them, are waiting for you to bring them to life in this delightful coloring book created by the same author and illustrator of other ‘stress relieving’ coloring books for adults. Pages do not have any black background and the book is bound so you can remove pages easily before or after you have colored them.It is ideal for gifting to animal lovers, and is indeed one of the best coloring books for adults that won’t disappoint.

  1. Anatomy Coloring Book

This is a unique coloring book for adults which many medical students have actually used for learning and memorizing complex parts of the human anatomy. The creator of the book is a genius who has had careers in law, graphic design and advertising and also teaches painting. The book comes with detailed instructions on choosing your colors for the bones, muscles etc- so make sure you read the How to Use this Book section provided at the beginning.

  1. The Mindfulness Anti Stress Art Therapy

This is a fun, pocket sized book that has received rave reviews in many top online publications. It is also a national bestseller as far as adult coloring books go. The little book contains nearly 100 illustrations and can easily fit into a purse. The downside to this book is its tight binding that prevents users from laying it flat when coloring.

  1. Release Your Anger Coloring Book

This is the book that started it all- helping people get an outlet to unexpressed anger and stress. Can you believe that it contains swear words drawn over intricate mandalas which you can color in order to give your anger a healthy outlet! So prepare yourself to color words like BULLSHIT and SHITBALLS! Background of each page is black, so use brighter colors that pop.

  1. Adult Coloring Book: Butterflies And Flowers

This book contains nearly 30 artistic, graphic and creative designs of butterflies and flowers in different complexity levels. The paper has white background and is lightweight; so you need to place a paper when coloring to avoid damaging the other design. Many teachers of kids with Down’s syndrome have used this book to calm down their pupils. The book is ideal for adults and kids and makes a perfect gift. It is a wonderful coloring book for adults to relax and be creative at the same time.

  1. Good Vibes Coloring Book: Enjoy This Moment

You can use gel pens to color the delightful pages of this relaxing and creative book for adults. You can also go for pencil crayons or marker pens with fine tip. Each of the 30 pages has intricate designs as well as uplifting and motivational quotes. Kids can even color and send these pages in place of greeting cards during the Holidays or birthdays. This is a must have adult coloring book should you need some ‘pick-me-up’ in times of sorrow or stress.