10 Best Coloring Apps For Adults And Kids

Preschool girl drawing on tablet in coloring app

We are all dependent on our phones and tablets for almost everything. Imagine you traveling someplace and your flight is delayed for hours. What better way than using the best coloring apps for adults for android or other OS to pass the time productively? We certainly cannot carry our adult coloring books and color pencils everywhere now, can we? This is where the best coloring apps for adults come in handy. So, today, I have reviewed 10 of the best coloring apps for adults and have also enlisted a couple of the best coloring apps for kids. Use these apps on your ios or android devices so you can keep yourself and your kids entertained and relaxed.

Top 10 free coloring apps for adults

  1. Coloring by Teazel Ltd.

The Coloring app for Google Play users was free for a while but they changed it recently to a paid version. The good news is that there is not much difference between the free and paid ones but obviously the paid version has a lot more pictures and premium content. A couple of dissatisfied users have complained about the advertisements one has to watch on this app but that is the only way one can unlock the free pictures. Those who have used Coloring are very happy about the black lines which do their job well so the colors do not bleed or run into each other. Even first time users have been highly satisfied with the COLORING app.

  1. Free Coloring Book for Adults by Vivasouk

This best coloring book app for adults for android is all free! It is great for adults who lead a stressful and busy life. The app is also very easy to use-simply tap a color and fill it in. You can also personalize you color palettes or choose from the ready-made ones.It also allows you to save your drawings and share them with friends. You can revisit the artwork and redo it all over. Easy zoom-in facility allows you to color easily. Technologically challenged people can also use the app easily-so it is great for senior citizens too. There are very few advertisements-which is great. Only downside is that some colors are not clear for example- red appears orange while orange appears brown. Other than that- this is indeed one of the best free coloring apps for android.

  1. Colorfy: Coloring Book For Adults (For iPhone and iPad)

Apple’s App store had named COLORFY one of the Best Apps of 2016. The earlier version had at least 10 pages per category but with the update, they have brought down the number of pictures to 3 per category. Still, you get 1000s of pictures ranging from Mandalas to animals to famous paintings and more. This best coloring app for adults has received over a million 5-star reviews. It has also been optimized for the iPhone7 so you can enjoy the brightest colors on your smartphone. You can use it without Wi-Fi-which is a great advantage when traveling. Share your creations instantly with friends on Instagram etc. You can also buy the paid version for as little as $8 USD per month.

  1. Pigment Coloring Book by PIXITE LLC

Relieve your stress on the go with Pigment-another of Apple’s best app for 2016. Pigment is also available for android. It is the only free coloring app for adults, that gives a realistic pencil and brush stroke color experience. You also have the ‘tap-to-fill’ option of coloring and can use from 11 different tools like metallic, water color etc. Pigment also allows you to choose from finger or stylus for coloring. It offers more than 350 free pages containing professional illustrations for you to color. No worries if you mess up-just hit reload and start over. You can also create postcards, greetings etc with this app.

  1. MOMI Coloring App by MOMI Team

This free Coloring app from MOMI is inspired on lines of the famous coloring book for adults -Secret Garden- the book that inspired stressed out adults to take up coloring. It offers more than 90% of its content for free and you can also create your own drawings. On the downside, they do not upload new content anymore. You can also color while meeting other like-minded artists from around the world. MOMI creators have assured they will be coming up with new content but we are not so sure. Also some users got errors and warning messages with the app.

  1. COLOR Therapy by Miinu Ltd

The recently updated COLOR Therapy by Miinu is one of the best coloring apps for iOS (iPad and iPhone). There is a wide variety of coloring themes to choose from here- from animals to plants, flowers and photogenic women across different cultures. This addictive app is user friendly and you can also play music while coloring. You can also customize the line colors, the frames and choose from different special effects like 3D/Fabric/Canvas painting etc.

  1. Toonia Colorbook-Best free coloring app for toddlers

Over 2 million happy parents and kids have given Toonia a 5-star rating. This is not just one of the best coloring apps for kids- it is also an educational resource. On the downside, though the creators promise ‘plenty of free pages and themes to keep preschoolers occupied for hours’, some users reported that the pages get over in less than an hour.

  1. Kids Coloring Fun by Smartstudy Pinkfong

This is one of the best free coloring books for kids on android. It offers more than 200 coloring pages with numerous tools that include stickers, glitters etc. The navigation is easy for toddlers and interactive action keeps them busy for hours. Once you have completed your drawing, you can aldo take a picture of it to send to family and friends. On downside, there are a few ad pop-ups that keep interfering with your play.

  1. Mandala by GoodSoftTech

By now you have heard about Mandalas and how coloring these repetitive patterns is a great stress busting activity. If you are looking for the best free coloring apps for android for adults having Mandalas in t then you are going to love this one by GoodSoftTech. It comes in various themes like flowers, animals, fairy-tale etc. Zoom and pan options make it easy to fill in small gaps. You can also undo the mistakes in 3 easy steps. The app allows you to tune, share, save and edit your saved images later. More than 65,000 users have rated this stress-busting coloring app over 4+ stars.

  1. Colorfly by Free Coloring Games (For kids and adults)

This is the best coloring app for android phones or tablets. It is addictive and free and the whole family can use it. Colorfly has lots of fun, free pictures with bi-weekly updates. It is easy to use, ultra therapeutic and contains more drawings to color than any other free android app in its category. On the downside, it is hard to drop color in smaller gaps. Also, there is no gradient tool-which could be a great addition to the app. Also, some people feel that the drawing/coloring effects are not as realistic as they can be as seen in other free best android apps for adults.