10 Best Color Pencils and Crayons for Toddlers Who Eat Everything

Colored pencil collection closeup

Many parents have voiced concerns over the safety of crayons and color pencils for kids. Young children have a habit of putting everything in their mouth; naturally the crayons for toddlers must be non toxic and also easy to hold and use. Other top features parents look for in crayons is their washability. Toddlers have a habit of using the colors on all surfaces except the ones they are intended for. Naturally, the crayons or markers must be washable too. Today, I am going to review the best crayons for toddlers who eat crayons and I am also including some art supplies for older children. Coloring is such a wonderful activity for children and one can learn so much from it. I feel coloring plays a very important role in children’s’ cognitive skills and early development. So, without further delay, here are some of the best art supplies for toddlers.

  1. Crayola My First Crayola Palm Grip

My First Crayola Palm grip is one of the best jumbo crayon brands for toddlers. Palm grip egg –shaped crayons helps toddlers grip these well so they can make their first coloring marks easily. Many parents believe that these early write start colored pencils can help with thinking and physical skills. Crayola products for kids are also AP certified and non toxic, so these are the best non toxic crayons for 1 year old kids who love putting everything in their mouth.

  1. ZenZoi Crayons for Toddlers

Zenzoi crayons are all natural and completely non toxic. They come in pack of 64 colors which are unique and ideal for getting toddlers introduced to the world of art. Zenzoi 64 crayons for toddlers are ideal to gift to kids in the age range of 1 year to 5 years. You also get an eBook which you can reprint the pictures of as many times as your toddlers demand. The tubular box design looks great and the colors are vibrant, smooth flowing and easy to hold. On the downside, these crayons do not have names printed on them, unlike Crayola brand crayons so that could be an issue with many users. A couple of reviewers also felt that the quality was not as great as Crayola and other top art supply brands.

  1. Crayola Oil Pastels (Children above 3 years only)

These unique hexagonal shaped oil pastels from Crayola are considered the best art supplies for toddlers. They have a tapered point which makes it easy for toddlers aged 3 and above to draw while the unique hexagonal shape is easy to hold and does not roll off the desk too. The set consists of 28 unique colors with names. These Crayola oil pastels are non washable but they are also completely non toxic. You might need special thick paper to use them on.  I recommend this brand to those toddlers who want to graduate from using thick color pencils to oil pastels. Many adults love using these too. On the downside, they do not blend very well with each other.

  1. Moore Premium Art Color Pencils 48 pcs with German made Sharpener

Moore Art is a well know brand known for best art supplies for toddlers, kids and adults. This is a 48 pc set of vibrant colors which is completely safe for kids to use. You get a high quality German made alloy metal sharpener as well as paint brush and an eraser with this set. Using these thick colored pencils, it is easy to blend, burnish and shade your pictures. Adults can use this set too for stress relief! The 48 pencils and accessories also come with a canvas roll up bag so you and your kids can draw and color anywhere you wish.

  1. Melissa and Doug Jumbo Crayons (Not for kids below 3 years)

Looking for jumbo crayons for toddlers not from Crayola? Try the Melissa and Doug jumbo crayon brand which comes in 10 beautiful colors. They have a triangular head to enable toddlers to write and color at the same time. The durable, non roll crayons also come in a handy flip top case. These are washable crayons, so you can easily clean the walls and their stains come off easily. They are also hard as rock, so kids cannot bite into them. On the downside: the crayons are waxy and slippery so they may not be easy to grip, as stated by some reviewers. Also, the colors are a bit light, so you need to put a little more pressure than normal if you desire darker hues.

  1. JNW Direct Color Pencils with 48 pcs

This is one of the best art supplies for toddlers, adults and in-betweens. Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and if you wish to encourage creativity, then this is the set to buy for your young ones. The 48 intense and vibrant wax-based colors come with different accessories to enhance your art projects. JNW Direct color pencil set is portable and comes with a guide on how to use these pencils to protect your investment.  The case is made with lightweight canvas and faux leather trim making it ideal for travel. Pencils are hard but they get softer over time- also one does not have to apply too much pressure, so they are ideal for use on all types of paper.

  1. Honeysticks Non Toxic Crayons For Babies

More than 100 satisfied parents have loved the Honeystick non toxic crayons for babies who love to eat everything! These are made with 100% pure beeswax and they have a chubby ergonomic shape that is easy to grip and use. Kids can try with all might to break them-they just won’t. This is the preferred brand of non toxic jumbo crayons in toddler day cares and preschools for this reason. Designed with an aim to create the least impact on the environment, these 12 wonderful crayons come in attractive colors. They also smell wonderful! Honeysticks non toxic crayons also come in long and thin shapes. These crayons are completely free from common allergens like wheat, soy etc. If you are looking for crayons for 1 year old, these are it! On the downside, they are tiny which makes them expensive.

  1. Rainbow Design USA Multi Color Washable and Non Toxic Crayons

It is nice to see other companies making popular crayons for kids other than Crayola®. I have nothing against Crayola® but it is nice to have some variety every now and then. These washable and completely non toxic crayons are fun to use and they can make rainbow patterns in just one stroke. They are perfectly sized for small hands. Parents can keep their children coloring nonstop with this brand! They are ideal for gifting and they do not roll off the table. Rainbow Design Multi color washable crayons are a must have in your ‘best art supplies for toddlers’ collection.

  1. PlayVisons Crayola Bath Tub Crayons (3 years and up)

Looking for unique colors to add to your best art supplies for toddlers and write start colored pencils? Imagine colors like leprechaun green, cotton candy pink and laser lemon yellow! All these and other make this unique 9 color easy-to-clean and non toxic set. Children can create masterpieces on the bath tub walls and make bath time so much fun. For certain stains, you might need to use Magic Eraser. Even adults can use these to write messages on their refrigerator!  On the downside: they might melt in hot water. Also, they are difficult to come off certain types of tiles and grout. They are also too soft and tend to break easily.

  1. Morning Glory Kreatio Art 20 Pc Twistable Crayons

The best part about these twistable crayons is there is no messy sharpening or paper peeling –you just twist the crayon to get it up and keep coloring. The beautiful and vivid colors will help keep your child busy for hours. These are non toxic, non-smelly crayons with a beautiful color selection. They also come in an attractive and sturdy case which doubles up as a container. Easy to use for kids 2 or 3 years and older.