Colors of Candles: What Do Different Candle Colors Mean

colors of candles and what they meanColors play an important role in our lives and even when we do creative work or meditate, we can lend distinctive vibrations and focus our intentions better through the burning of different colored candles. Indeed; candle “magick” is an important and much studied science and art (which many feel, wrongly, is associated with black magic or witchcraft).

In this guide, we will only refer to the use of candle colors and their meanings for linking to individual energies as based on different colored Chakras. We hope that the candle colors and their meanings given below will work positively on specific forces of the Universe in order to strengthen your affirmations. This, in turn, can help you direct the Universal energy towards particular (positive) conclusions.

Principle behind candle magic

Candle magic is based on the same principle as that of color therapy. Different colors have different frequencies which, in turn, have different effects on the human psyche. We can use these effects in a positive manner to enhance our mind power. Likewise, some candles are also fragrant and the different fragrances can also reflect differently on one’s feelings and emotions. Therefore, through candle magic, practitioners can make use of varying fragrances and colors of candles to create different effects for their clients.

According to the science of candle magic, specific candles may be used on specific days of the week, since these colors are also associated with the different Planets. Thus:

  • Sunday– Gold or yellow candles
  • Monday– Silver, Grey or White
  • Tuesday-Red
  • Wednesday-Purple
  • Thursday– Blue
  • Friday-Green
  • Saturday– Black or Purple

Candle colors for healing purpose

Candle magic therapists also recommend specific colored candles for addressing different illnesses. In brief, these are:

  • Allergies- Violet
  • Anxiety- Rose
  • Colds- Green/violet
  • Depression-Orange/Indigo/Rose
  • Insomnia-Blue
  • Indigestion-Yellow
  • Fever-Blue
  • Headaches-Green/blue
  • Diabetes-Yellow

What do different candle colors mean?

Here are the meanings of different candle colors in general:

  1. White candles-Destruction of negative energy, peace, truth and purity
  2. Purple candles- Spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility
  3. Lavender Candles– Intuition, Paranormal, Peace, Healing
  4. Blue and Deep Blue Candles– Meditation, Healing, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Fidelity, Happiness, and opening lines of Communication.
  5. Green Candles– Money, Fertility, Luck, Abundance, Health (not to be used when diagnosed with Cancer), Success
  6. Rose and Pink Colored Candles– Positive self love, friendship, harmony, joy
  7. Yellow Candles- Realizing and manifesting thoughts, confidence, bringing plans into action, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, clairvoyance.
  8. Orange Candles– Joy, energy, education, strength attraction, stimulation
  9. Red or Deep red Candles– Passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality, courage.
  10. Black Candles– Protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from others
  11. Silver candle– Goddess or feminine energy, remove negativity, psychic development
  12. Gold candle– Male energy, Solar energy, fortune, spiritual attainment,

Candle magick practitioners often recommend writing names, dates, birthdates and certain symbols on the candle (or its enclosing glass) to reaffirm one’s intentions. Additionally, the candles must be anointed in oil and you can use simple Olive oil or specific essential oils to dress the candle and increase their effectiveness. Based upon the intentions or reasons why you are using candle colors based on their specific meanings, you will require taking a bath or cleansing the mind through meditation. The dressing of the candle is itself a ritual where you must completely focus on the intention while rubbing the oil on the wax of the candle.

Candle Types

Candles are also of different types as given below:

  • Double action
  • Reversible
  • 7 Knob
  • Colored figure
  • Adam and Eve or
  • Witch candles

Based on specific candle color meanings these can be used for the following affirmations and intentions:

  1. To draw good luck and wealth and remove negative people- Double Action Black or Green candle
  2. To attract love- Double action red candle
  3. To enhance spiritual energy- Double action white or black candle
  4. To attract good spirits- Reversible black on the outside and red on inside
  5. To get success, win, or acquire a job-7 Knob Green colored candle
  6. To bring Peace at home or in business- 7 Knob white
  7. To bring passion in a relationship- Adam and Eve candle in red color
  8. To add power or make written affirmations more powerful- Use red witch candle-place the paper underneath the candle.

We leave you with a disclaimer that we are not responsible for how you use the information presented above. The owner of this site is also not responsible for the accuracy or effectiveness of the different candle colors and their meanings presented above.


  1. Hi
    I have a son that drinks a lot, he is only 28yrs old. I know he is going through some things that he is not telling me about. I ask him to talk to me or someone he can trust like God or a good friend.
    I need to find a candle that will take away the feeling to drink. I am so worried please help, which candle can I burn.

  2. Bilsongz says:

    Please i have been struggling with money matters in my life since i completed college. Whatever i do get spoiled on the way. Sometimes I feel so confused and ask myself what is wrong or have i done anything wrong to deserve this kind of life. Please help me.

    • inxplicablethings says:

      You could do a Road Opening working or burn a candle designed for this. Set your intent and write out a quick petition. I would follow up with a Crown of Success Gris Gris.

      • Bilsongz says:

        Pls i did not understand. Can you be more clear?
        What is road opening and what is crown of success gris gris?
        And what type of candle color figures should i use?

        • inxplicablethings says:

          A road opener is a candle burning or working that helps remove obstacles for your path. In hoodoo and southern folk magick, they are also known as Block Busters. They can help open doors that were previously blocked. Do you know what a gris gris is? They are charms/talismans – also called mojo bags, mojo hands, etc. They contain things such as herbs, curios, minerals, etc that help facilitate an outcome. A Crown of Success gris gris would be on that you can carry with you – to help bring about success in things you do. Many of my students and clients have achieved success by carrying one. Those would be my recommendations. As to what type of candle color figure – I am not sure I understand. Do you mean figure like a male or female? Or did you just mean color? I would recommend orange for road opener, green for any type of prosperity (or gold, but they are more difficult to come by), and finally crown of success would do well with purple – purple is a great color for personal power and taking charge of things. Hope this helps. Feel free to visit for more ideas.

  3. Bianca says:

    Im facing stress for almost a couple of weeks – what color can i use?

    • inxplicablethings says:

      Hi Bianca –
      For anti-stress, I would recommend yellow or blue. Yellow is great for combating stress. Blue is about peace, tranquility and happy harmonies.

  4. Harriet Raynolds says:

    Please I’m chatting to a man and am using a woman name and photo, but the man used to love me and talk to me all the time and promise to send me money, but after some time he has blocked me from his phone from not being able to talk to him or text him. What candle do i need to buy to have him back begging for me?

    • inxplicablethings says:

      Harriet, honey, you may need a bit more than a candle. It depends . . . what was he getting out of the relationship? And was it always about him sending you money? If so, he could have felt like Mr. Moneybags. We have to keep men feeling needed and important 😉 I would recommend a red or purple candle – but dressed with a Sugar Daddy oil/powder. We have both the oils and powders – but either one would work well.

      The hard part . . . is opening up communication again. Maybe work on opening the lines of communication first, then work on the Sugar Daddy aspect.

      Miss Sha’
      Inexplicable Things

    • None.
      you are just exploiting someone for money, go get a decent job.

      • inxplicablethings says:

        Scale, while this may be true for you – and I don’t disagree – but you obviously know very little about folk magick. Hoodoo, Rootwork, Swamp Conjure, Applachian Magicks – they all have a little something for getting men (or women) to spend money on person. It’s just plain old school. Now, I think there should be some give and take – but I am not here to judge others. Just let Harriet do what she wants to do.

  5. taurus kelley says:

    can i use a gold candle to help draw a boost of testosterone? i feel like i could have been hexed and i got a gold candle which is for male energy. i also want to know do i have to burn it on Sunday or can i do it tonight or does it matter which day? i know it is about intention

    • inxplicablethings says:

      Hi! To boost testosterone, I would actually advise a red candle. Red is for vitality, sexual energy, sexual health and strength. I think it would do more to boost testosterone than a gold candle would. Honestly, it does not matter what night you burn. Some folks follow the moon or days of the week for candle burning or specific working – but I say do what you need to do when you need to do it. Don’t wait. It doesn’t really change much. And if you truly feel that you have been hexed or cursed, you may need a good spiritual cleanse to get rid of it. If so, let me know and I can offer suggestions.

      Inexplicable Things

      • Shiquita says:

        Hi, I’m not a person who practice but I have spoken with numerous psychics and even had my Palm read. Also visit and have given money to a psychic in person. She had me to lay down and she put some drops in my mouth, gave me a light blue candle that have an anatomy body on it and had words written such as cancer, diabetes, job etc… bath salt etc. I never use any of the stuff she gave me but I can say almost my entire family has passed on from cancer. Everything that I have touched has crumbled and I’m always getting fired. I mean I make so many enemies and I don’t know what I do to have them? I have no friends. Im trying to understand, what have I done to myself? And how to undo whatever I have done.. its like history continues to repeat itself on different days. Also a lady had written a letter on my relationship and me. Which I never gave her permission. What kind of magic did she do? I’ve been having these problems over 7 years! Please give me some information you may have to help me.

        • inxplicablethings says:

          Shiquita, I would highly recommend a good soul cleaning spiritual cleanse. A good one, like the one I was taught, will negate any workings being done to you, remove jinx, curse, hex, evil eye, jealousy, negativity – and it helps open roads for new chapters in your life and I always follow up with some protection. Not knowing the whole story, I cannot speak on the type of magick this woman used, but I can offer you ways on moving past this and getting things sorted out.

          Blessings –
          Inexplicable Things

  6. I want favour and luck, and a job. Which color will I use??

    • inxplicablethings says:

      Job or prosperity of any kind does well with green. However, orange is a great color to help open roads and remove obstacles. And purple is all about personal power. So it all depends upon the actual aspect you going for. Or, use a combination. 🙂

  7. Natalia says:

    Do moon phases matter? And can I burn black and white together with some color I need?

  8. whats a 7 knob candle?

    • inxplicablethings says:

      A 7 knob is just that … it has 7 knobs. They are traditionally used by allowing one knob to burn down each day, for 7 days. Or, if you have 7 areas you wish to work on. We have them in our shop. Let me know if you need more information or ideas on how to burn them.

      Miss Sha’
      Inexplicable Things

  9. Hello please when can I use the good luck candle?

    • inxplicablethings says:

      You can use a Good Luck or any luck drawing candle, anytime you feel the need.

  10. After praying with the candle. Do we leave it to burn all or off it for next time?

    • alitlmonkee says:

      I remeber reading somewhere that one should meditate with the candle until it either burns itself out naturally or completely melts to nothing. The one time I remember it working best was when I let the candle melt to nothing.
      For the record however, I have only used candle magick a handful of times and not a regular practitioner of any particular faith.

  11. My mom has heart surgery to do and has cancer. Dreamt her telling my aunt she doesn’t think she would make it. what candle should I use?

    • Angela Williams says:

      REA- Dark purple for servere illness healing. White for protection and healing.

  12. I’ve had an evil mother in law and her 3 evil daughters have been trying their hards to break up my husband and I for 24 years, every year they’re getting worse. Which candles or reversible candles can I us?

    • inxplicablethings says:

      There are several things you could do. You could sweeten them to you – so they leave you alone. You could banish them from your marriage (which can be difficult since they are family and tied to your husband), or you could do work to shut them the hell up! LOL

      Miss Sha’
      Inexplicable Things


    Thank you!

  14. what color to use to draw good energy to you while doing the rituals and how would you know the good energy is there with you

  15. What is a double action candle mean?

    • inxplicablethings says:

      Double or Dual action – means just that… for two specific purposes. Black and Red: banishing or reversing, etc.

  16. siphokazi says:

    Hi if you want to apply green and pink to achieve your goals what should i do?

    • inxplicablethings says:

      What are your goals? Green is for finances, wealth, prosperity, fertility – pink is for compassion and enduring love. What are you looking to do?

  17. Isabella says:

    You said not to use a green candle when dealing with cancer, my mother was and she collapsed the other night what color should I use in its place

  18. I like unicorns.

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